What does an event stylist do?

The most frequent question we’re asked is what the difference between an event stylist and an event planner is. An event planner will organise and manage everything that you need to do before the actual event. They’re all about the logistics and will be responsible for your timeline, the contact with your vendors and coordinating everything on the day. 

An event stylist, on the other hand is responsible for the visual aspects of your event. They have a background in design and can help you develop a look and feel for your event, which truly reflects your personal style and aesthetics. They will help with everything from picking a colour theme, choosing suitable décor, setting the tables, designing place cards and menu cards to arranging flowers and helping with set-up and takedown.  Most importantly they will create a bespoke and personal concept for you and ensure that a common thread runs through.

What are the advantages of hiring an event stylist?

It’s the small details, which will make a difference to your event. Most clients do not wish to, or have the time, to plan and organise everything before a big event. Neither does everyone have the creative skillset or expertise to bring all the visual components to life. 

Hiring an event stylist offers a stress free solution and you can rest assured that everything will look just right on the day. In addition it will let you, your family members and friends who would otherwise have been assigned various tasks and responsibilities on the day to be able to enjoy the celebrations to the fullest - just like any other guest. 

Is styling included in the hire price?

Styling, set-up and Installation is NOT included in our basic hire prices, this is a prearranged service.  

Please contact me for further information or an individual quote.