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Rather than letting tradition lead the way I strongly believe that your personality and what makes you uniquely you is what should shine through on your wedding day or at your special event. Trends are all fine and dandy and it is great to honour customs and traditions too but at the end of the day your party should be a reflection of you, not somebody else.

I find that more and more couples adopt this approach and choose to create bespoke and personal events and this is where Whispering Vintage can really help and add value.


I want to get to know you well so that I can create a wedding or event which is totally unique and personal. For me each wedding or event has its own story and I always tailor-make concepts for every event. That is also why I don’t believe in ready-made package solutions. Every story is different and should be a true reflection of YOU.


It’s the small details, which will make a difference to your event. Most clients do not wish to, or have the time, to plan and organise everything before a big event. Neither does everyone have the creative skillset or expertise to bring all the visual components to life. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to be both the bride and the creative stylist of your own wedding. For me this meant that I, instead of enjoying the morning of my wedding day, spent the time cutting menu cards and assembling church programmes! In hindsight, I wish I would have enlisted more help on the day.

Whispering Vintage services offers a stress free solution so that you can relax knowing that everything will look just right on the day. In addition, enlisting my help will let you, your family members and friends, who would otherwise have been assigned various tasks and responsibilities on the day, to be able to enjoy the celebrations to the fullest - just like any other guest.



So this is me; the face behind Whispering Vintage. I’m the person that will take your ideas about your dream event and help you bring them to life. My name is Sara and I was born in Sweden but have spent the most part of my adult life abroad. Via London and Sydney, Australia, I landed in Copenhagen in 2014. I’m married to a Danish and have two boys of the ages three and four.

Educated in the U.K, I have a BA First-class honours degree in Design Management from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design. I lived, studied and worked in the U.K for over 12 years before i relocated to Sydney and then Copenhagen, and have a long background in advertising, branding and design. Being a creative at heart, my dream has always been to start my own business and in 2017 I decided to finally take the leap. 

Whispering Vintage combines all my favourite things; my passion for design and interior design in particular, floral design as well as my love for all things vintage and bohemian. I love to style and design all types of events but do have an extra soft spot for weddings; there's nothing quite like seeing people celebrate their love and it brings me so much joy being able to bring to life a couple's dreams and visions about their big day.

If you’re planning a wedding or event and need help bringing your vision and ideas to fruition, I would love to hear from you!

SARA LAURELL / Founder & Event Stylist